Gas & Diesel Fuel Tank

Bulk Marketing & Retail

Supply of Petroleum Products

The supply of petroleum products is a service we provide as part of activities in the downstream sector and it cuts across a wide range of industries: manufacturing, transportation and agro allied etc.

Energy is an essential part of any business, for this reason, we see it as our duty as a company, to provide various petroleum products like diesel (AGO), Fuel Oil (LPFO/HPFO), Kerosene, Petrol (PMS) and various base oils to these businesses to use either as raw materials or as a source of energy. Banks, hotels and other corporate firms also enjoy our services in this category, to give them a stress free continuous supply of energy products to keep their business offices and complexes running with diesel and their fleet of cars running with petrol.

Marketing and Distribution (both onshore and offshore) of Various Petroleum Products:

This is one of our strong business areas. We have developed innovative means of providing services through a large distribution network to our customer base. Our efficient workforce, made up of an experienced Board of Directors and a versatile Management Team, has transformed the company into one of the major energy service providers within the African oil & gas sector.

Our ability to market bulk quantities of petroleum products to our clients within a very competitive oil and gas industry is as a result of our vertically integrated network of offshore, coastal and inland operations.