The company started primarily by trading fuel oil allocationsof from the federal government. 

AMG begins trading through bulk purchase agreements of Fuel Oil, Automotive Gas Oil [AGO], Premium Motor Spirit [PMS] and Dual Purpose Kerosene [DPK] with NNPC through a partnership(JV).

AMG purchases its first depotwhich was used to launch our local AGO distribution capabilities as part of another JV agreement and on the back of a contract for the supply of product to MTN base stations in northern Nigeria.

AMG expands the business operations toexport and importopportunities within the oil and gas sector. Our first allocation was for Aviation Turbine Kerosene [ATK], sold on the international market. 


AMG (through a consortium) successfully wins marginal blockin the Oil Block Licensing bid round.


AMG beganexporting crude oil on behalf of the government of Burundi. Marketing 15,000 barrels per day internationally, thus increasing its export capabilities. 

AMG began trading crude directlywith Tamoil refineries in Europe, Shell International and later Sunoco refinery in the United States. This was a novel feat in the market where an indigenous player had direct access to the international oil refineries. 


AMG receives its first allocation in its name in 2007 marketing up to 30,000 barrels a day. 

The export of crude allowed AMG develop a solid reputation in the international community getting trading lines with BNP Paribas and Credit Agricole.

AMG begins importation of petroleum productsand started buying internationally from the likes of Shell, Gunvor, Trafigura, Arcadia and Addax and supplying to the majors onshore companies like Mobil Nigeria, MRS Oil & Gas, Oando, Conoil and Total Nigeria.

AMG bid for and won the government-to-government contract to supply 60,000 barrels per day and operated on it behalf of Ghana National Petroleum Corporation 


AMG begun investing in development of oil and gas infrastructure with the incorporation of its a subsidiary company AMG Terminals Limited (AMGT),who’s core activity is support the activities of AMGs trading business and also maximize opportunities in the downstream sector. 


AMG commissions its first petrol station in Kano, northern Nigeria. 

AMG begins development of an Offshore Logistics Support Base in Eastern Nigeria. 

AMG acquires land in a prime location in Nigeria suitable for the development of a ship fabrication yard or petrochemical refinery.

AMG acquires land begins development of an for Aviation Fuel Depot.

AMG continues to export crude oil international till date, through acquisition of yearly crude term contracts with NNPC, allowing us to lift close to 50million barrels of over the last 13 years.